Radiant Mind Mediation Guide

Radiant Mind -Guide to creating your mediation practice It’s ready! We’ve updated the Radiant Mind Mediation Guide to include “Mindful Movement”, “Mindful Eating”, and “Cultivating Compassion”. The guide gives you tips on, proper alignment, breathing techniques, clearing your mind, moving and eating with intention, words of compassion, as well as the benefits of meditation. By…

Harvesting Radiance

This weekend we will gather a group of friends to help us harvest olives to be pressed into luscious oil. I love this time of year because the seeds that were planted and the fruit that was cultivated are ready to be enjoyed in abundance.

It is also a great time to take a look at what we are harvesting in our lives. What business or personal goals are we harvesting? What health or relationship dynamics are present? What are we harvesting that is meaningful? Radiant?