Holistic Healing with Essential Oils

Discover how to have a happier, healthier, and more balanced life. Essential oils have been used for 1,000’s of years for healing and purifying the body.


Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are not only fabulous for emotional and physical healing, they can be used to cleanse your home, spice up your meals (and love life), and create energetic harmony.

Events can be themed to meet your group’s needs, but often include:

  • Experiential and Educational course
  • Make and Take station where guests can create their own blends or products
  • Delicious oil infused food and drinks
  • Samples of oils and educational booklets for guests to take home
  • Gifts!

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Soul Renewal
A Day Of Mindfulness to Discover Who You Have Become


Soul_Renewal_right_sideA busy lifestyle and continual growth can leave us feeling disconnected from our Authentic Nature. So, it is vital that we take time to restore ourselves and nurture our passions and creativity on a regular basis. Soul Renewal is a day in the “intensive care” unit of remembering who you are.

The majority of the day will be in silence…You begin by reconnecting to your body and quieting your mind. Next, you will hike to the Medicine Wheel to gather wisdom and set your intention. Then, you will be guided to different areas in the hills of our 172-acre ranch, each location offering energies to help you clear the old and open you to Divine Inspiration.

You will spend several hours in nature, meditating, journaling, and listening to your heart’s Unique and Meaningful Contribution.

Next Workshop – Sunday, Sept. 22nd, 9AM to 3PM


Awakening Aphrodite
Sensuality and Empowerment for Women


So much of our stress is caused by the energy we spend holding back our feelings and cutting off the flow of our energy. What if you could have access to your full power? What if you could use all of your energy to ignite your Passion, Creativity, and Connection?

The power of sensuality power simply asks us to harmonize with the resonance of Unconditional Love, Beauty, and Presence.

What you understand, you can expand.

Awakening Aphrodite is an invitation to connect to the fullness of your body and wisdom of your whole self, so you can feel and respond with an open heart.

Every relationship from your lover to your children, co-workers, and your community will be impacted by your ability to use your full sensuality.

We explore the feminine divine and our connection to the 5 waves of sensuality.

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AromaDance Experience and Leader Certification

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Awakening Your Vision

Offered each January as a group or year-round privately

Awaken Your VisionHave you ever set really cool goals that seemed like such a great idea, but you failed to reach them? Or, you have even achieved those goals only to be left feeling unfulfilled; thinking “Is this all there is?”

The problem that most of us don’t realize is that there must be a resonance and harmony with who we are now, our purpose, and what we are creating in the world. Sound tricky? It is…unless you have tools.


Learn to Raise Your Vibration physically and mentally to tap into and cultivate expanded awareness and wisdom. We will be practicing mind, body, and breath techniques.

Discover the Truth of Your Path and create a plan to honor it. The answers are within you. From an awakened state, you’ll ask the questions to achieve your desires.

Decide What You Want with Clarity to build your strong foundation. Prioritize what is truly important and create your support team.

Search for Opportunities to go beyond what you think is possible. With an awakened, Free Spirit, you’ll find those things that will make you feel fully alive.

Plan to have FUN too!

Play games and win prizes.

Create your unique “vision art” (that may or may not end up on a board),

…and enjoy a fabulous lunch.

You’ll receive:

Your guidebook that takes you step-by-step through the process

TWO half-hour follow up Coaching Sessions to use any way you’d like ($350 value).

Plus Cool Gifts!

This is a great opportunity to Consciously and Joyfully Awaken Your Vision, Access Your Highest Wisdom, and Cultivate a Plan to Achieve Your Potential. The best part is that you get to connect with other PLU (people like us).

Energy Healing



AromaTouch is a hands on technique where a series of essential oils is applied to your back, neck, and feet. You will relieve stress, strengthen your immune system, evoke a healthy inflammatory response, balance your autonomic nervous system to create homeostasis, and awaken your Lymphatic system. Sound awesome? It is!


anointing-tg-siteAnointing is a sacred and extraordinary experience that brings your energy centers into alignment and opens your heart to your divine light. This is a combination of energy work, oil application, and a full awakening of your senses. It is difficult to describe the shift that happens, so my invitation is to come for the experience when you are ready…you will know when it is time.

Private Coaching

Do you dream of a life of freedom, passion, and purpose? Do you sense that you have more to offer, but are not sure how to clarify and share your message with the world?

We’ll work together to create a “life plan” of your vision and goals, integrating all parts of your life, and connecting you with your inner wisdom. We focus on using your brilliance, strengths and past success to design your unique, meaningful contribution to the world.

did not come here to be common… We did not travel this great distance
to give up, give in and lie down. We came here to wake up and be
joyful; to stand up and be powerful; to open up our hearts, our minds
and our eyes as we expand our knowledge and our perception. You are
extraordinary and you are powerful beyond belief!” —Heather K. O’Hara