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As my outside ages, my intention
is to become stunningly beautiful on the inside.

Cultivating Radiance is about fully honoring yourself and all that you have to offer. Our Radiance begins on the inside and is reflected on our outside. In order to keep up with our dynamic lives and to sustain a high level of energy, we must take care of our whole selves. Cultivating Radiance provides simple tools to align our personal elements of health before we “hit the wall” or exhaustion becomes our standard. You will be given mindful “Discovery Questions”, Activities, Inspiration for Gratitude, and Mantras to broaden your understanding and empower yourself to make choices that will give your life deeper meaning and to live a joyful, harmonious, Radiant life!

Praise for Cultivating Radiance

“Cultivating Radiance is air to fire. It is wonderfully clever, thoughtful and most importantly filled with spiritual and practical ideas creating a lighted pathway back to inner exuberance and self love.”
Kristine Carlson
Author, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women and Heartbroken Open

“The world needs this book. It is a beautiful, simple and insightful guide for living a radiant and awakened life. Tamara weaves real life stories together in a way that is both accessible and inspiring.”
Patrick J. Ryan
Author, Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance

“It’s simple. If you live what Tamara wrote about in this book, life will be wonderful.”
Rich Fettke
Author, Extreme Success

“Following the steps in Cultivating Radiance will release the chains of old beliefs and limitations that have held you back. Tamara Gerlach has written an inspiring manual that, step by step, empowers you to live a life of purpose, joy and
gratitude. Highly recommended!”
Wes Hopper

“This book is a must have as it will assist you in Daring to Dream Big in spite of any fears, circumstances, challenges or setbacks. This book will show how to create your own life masterpiece with authenticity, confidence, courage and style!”
Francine Allaire
Founder, The Daring Woman™


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