Life Coaching
life coachingEach of us has a dream about the life we would like to live; a life of freedom, passion, and purpose. Life coaching creates balance and harmony in your life, and provides the foundation for emotional and spiritual growth. Together we will create a “life plan” vision and goals.
You will be provided with the support you need to make changes that will help you live the life of your dreams.
We will use the “Awakened Wisdom” coaching system, which helps to integrate all parts of you, connecting you with your inner wisdom and the empowerment of endless possibilities. Your divine essence is in the forefront, rising above any distorted thinking that typically gets in your way. It is a way of “being” that inspires a life well-lived.
We also use the “appreciative” style of coaching which focuses on using your strengths and past success to create more positive results in your future and improve parts of your life that you would like to change. It’s easy: just use your natural genius!

Business Coaching
business coachingBusiness Coaching integrates all of the individual “life” attention, but also includes an intensive program that focuses on the “8 Simple Secrets” of successful businesses.
We will explore, create, and clarify each aspect of your business to help you reach new levels.
We will target what needs to be done today as well as what needs to be planned for tomorrow. Creating the business you truly desire is simple and fun!
Tamara brings her years of business coaching experience as well as training and licensing by Infinia Business Solutions.

Strategic Planning Sessions
strategic planning sessionsGet your life and business on track. Together we explore your vision, mission statement, and create an action plan based on your dreams. Learn more about strategic thinking, innovation, and how to bring your focus onto strategic and tactical elements that will serve as a road map to creating a life or business that is exciting and fulfilling. We will set timelines, accountability, and celebrations for completing your goals.
This session is offered to individuals as well as groups.


Cultivating Radiance
cultivating radiance womanCultivating Radiance is about FULL permission to step into a life of self care, inner light, and joy beyond your wildest dreams. We will explore how our beliefs, optimistic attitude, passion, and self-care align to bring us into our full Radiance. Through several fun activities, you will develop tools and discover how simple it is to bring alignment, empowerment, and joy into your life. You will create your own personal Radiance Plan that becomes the foundation for new habits. This is a full participation workshop, so show up ready to Cultivate Your Radiance!

If you are a person who enjoys focusing on everything wrong with your life, prefers limited or pessimistic thinking, being stuck, or wants to be a victim of their own life, don’t even come near this workshop! There is a distinct possibility that the joy and optimism that this workshop contains could cause permanent life improvement.

Amazing Customer Service
amazing customer serviceThis is a full participation, strategic design workshop for small-to mid-size business owners and their staff.
Co-create a customer service vision for your company that puts your strengths into action by listening to, serving, and holding your clients as your most precious asset.
Look at ways to “WOW” them, deepen connections, and inspire word of mouth by becoming outrageously innovative and the leader in your market.
This workshop is done in two workshops, done a week apart, with fun projects to do in between that will take your customer service to new levels.

Connection and Intimacy
connection and intimacy“If God invited you to a party and said, ‘Everyone in the ballroom tonight will be my special guest,’ how would you treat them when you arrived?” ~ Hafiz
Connection and intimacy are vital to our happiness. At this workshop we practice letting go, opening our hearts, co-creating with others, and playing with ways to expand our energy into the world. You will walk away with structures for grounding, several tools to connect with yourself and others, and an inquiry to deepen your learning.

Creating Freedom Through Life Balance
life balanceWe will look at what balance means to us and learn fun ways to create freedom through tools that bring awareness and balance into all aspects of our lives. By appreciating and using the strengths that have already made us successful in other areas of our lives, we will learn to incorporate that skill-set into parts of our lives that we would like to change or improve. Discover what keeps you in balance. We will also play with some activities that break our goals down into an action plan with simple steps.
Please come prepared to have fun with your creative genius!

Life Design for Teens and Tweens
life design for teens and tweensThis workshop focuses on what is working in your life, discovering your strengths, and how you can use your strengths to create freedom and success in your life. You will gain confidence through applying your strengths to your goals and roles. By learning to shift your perspective, you will find creative possibilities in every situation.
We learn the steps and processes to set attainable goals that give you purpose. Together we will construct a plan to take care of yourself and your body.
This workshop is done in small groups of 6th to 9th graders.
It is 3 to 4 hours with follow up coaching and support.

Life Balance for Teens and Tweens
teen and tween life balanceWe’ll use several fun techniques to discover what keeps us in balance and grounded, where we need more focus in our lives, and how to create more flow in our lives. We explore our connections with others and nature to design a plan that helps us to live a more balanced life. Let’s face it, when we are unbalanced, we feel frustrated, “spacey”, and overwhelmed. You may not be able to eliminate these feelings, but we will work on tools to help manage your life balance and keep you from “hitting the wall”.
This workshop is done in small groups of 6th to 9th graders.
It is 3 to 4 hours with follow up coaching and support.