You may have had an AromaDance Experience, and would like to give back to your community by offering what they have received. Or, you may be are drawn to lead, even if you have not been able to attend a live AromaDance event, because you love the freedom of dance, the power of essential oils, and the beauty of changing lives.

As an AromaDance Leader, you are invited to bring your brilliance, heart, and spirit into every event you to create at transformative “Experience” dancers. The course helps to offer the guidelines for your events, YOU initiate the energy by creating a safe space, and then, you simply allow the dancers to move from their heart. Beauty ensues.

Thank you for you interest in leading, our intention is to expand our leadership certification program to share AromaDance all over the world.

Why Lead AromaDance?

You are revolutionizing how people self-heal. AromaDance leaders are assisting people in simultaneously quieting the mind, moving from their heart, and using oils to physically and emotionally raise the vibration of their energy centers.

  • You are helping people interrupt their pattern and re-train their brain to integrate their body and gain access to their wholeness.
  • You are helping people create new intentions for their life.
  • You are helping people reconnect to the wholeness, purity, and divine essence while having a really fun time!
  • We lead because our heart calls us forward to use our gifts, talents, and skills for serving the world.

Steps to Become an AromaDance Leader

  1. Complete the leadership-training course and worksheets.
  2. Complete your 1:1 consultation with Tamara.
  3. Lead your first AromaDance Experience.

As part of the AromaDance Leader course, you will receive an audio series that is offered in several parts that will help you to understand how and why AromaDance works and walk you through leading fantastic AromaDance events.

I. About AromaDance

II. Why Lead AromaDance

III. Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils

IV. The Oils and Chakra Relation

V. Creating Your Event

VI. Leading An AromaDance Experience

You’ll also receive:

  • The Course Guide and Workbook Pages
  • Access to Playlists
  • Access to resources you will need to run your AromaDance Experiences ~sign-up sheets, chakra cards, Bring-a-friend cards, flyer templates, and more!

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