Dancing Into 2011

2010 has been a year of transition and lessons, great joy and sadness, opportunities and flopportunities*.

Let’s take a look at the nuggets that 2010 had to offer us both personally and as a community and culture, and focus on what is positive in our lives to create our intentions for 2011.

I have designed a simple fill-in-the-blanks worksheet for you to review your goals, appreciate the lessons, and celebrate the successes of this year, and create from your passions to set intentions for next year. Even if you only answer one question per day starting today, you will be done well before the beginning of the year and on your way to a prosperous start.

Enjoy your “Dancing into 2011” worksheet by visiting TamaraGerlach.com

Harvesting Radiance

This weekend we will gather a group of friends to help us harvest olives to be pressed into luscious oil. I love this time of year because the seeds that were planted and the fruit that was cultivated are ready to be enjoyed in abundance.

It is also a great time to take a look at what we are harvesting in our lives. What business or personal goals are we harvesting? What health or relationship dynamics are present? What are we harvesting that is meaningful? Radiant?

The Voice of Radiance

As children, some of us were taught to “only speak when spoken to” or learned that when we spoke, we were not really heard. We may have found ourselves in an environment (maybe a family) where there are just certain things that you can’t or don’t talk about.

We may have learned to filter what we say because our dreams have been shot down, minimized, or laughed at. In the recent Alice in Wonderland movie, Alice is told by her potential fiancé, “It would be best to keep your visions to yourself. When in doubt, remain silent”. Our ancestors may have been punished or even beheaded for speaking their truth.

So, the fact that we struggle with speaking up, especially for ourselves, is not surprising and goes deep…And, that way of being no longer works for the radiance that we are cultivating.