Free your mind. Open your heart.
What is AromaDance?

AromaDance is a beautiful way to free your mind, open your heart, and reconnect to your body. Dance to inspirational music while anointing your energy centers with a series of oils to open you to your inner radiance, joy, and creative flow.

What Does Aromadance Do?
  • Moves Energy through your body
  • Releases Stress and Tension
  • Expresses Creative energy flow
  • Inspires Joy, Peace, and Serenity
  • Allows you to lose your Monkey Mind and come fully into your Senses
  • You’ll feel Clear and Blissful
  • You will Strengthen your Connection to Self as you Grow and Expand.

Here is what people are saying:
It was divine and I felt amazing the following morning. ~Stephanie

Wonderful experience! Free and open and dancing the rest of the night. ~Patti

Had a great time. I was surrounded by loving people and happiness. I was on a high for hours. ~Michael

I enjoyed the surprise! of what my body felt to do next with each progressive chakra and essential oil. The experience felt very safe, allowing me to drop my inhibitions – Freedom! Thank you, Tam, and your Oil Fairies for a night of scent, sensation, movement and community! ~Karen